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Sacramento - Garage Door & Spring Repair

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Sacramento garage door repair "We create value every day"

24x7 Pro Service of Sacramento provides homes in the area with expert garage door repair and maintenance. If your garage door is broken or hard to open, our team is ready to help with our 24 hours a day service and 7 days a week. Time to replace those worn-out springs?  Ours have a lifetime warranty. With more than 30 years in the industry, we've earned a solid 5 star reputation with homeowners for providing the best products and excellent customer service. Let us know when we can help you.

Call 24x7 Pro Service Sacramento at (916) 356-9229 today to set up an appointment.  We can usually provide you with same day service !

24x7 Pro Service offers FlexSteel garage door springs, made of tempered steel wire with superior ductility and elasticity. Seasoned with an oil-quenching and tempering process, these springs are made to last. Let us restore your garage door to its original, smooth functionality. Call 24x7 Pro Service today, at (916) 365-9229, and put our expert garage door repair team to work for you.

History of Sacramento 

The history of Sacramento, California, began with its founding by Samuel Brannan and John Augustus Sutter, Jr. in 1848 around an embarcadero that his father, John Sutter, Sr. constructed at the confluence of the American and Sacramento Rivers a few years prior. Before the arrival of Europeans, the Nisenan branch of the Native American Maidu inhabited theSacramento Valley area. The Spanish were the first Europeans to explore the area, and Sacramento fell into the Alta California province of New Spain when the conquistadors claimed Central America and the American Southwest for the Spanish Empire. The area was deemed unfit for colonization by a number of explorers and as a result remained relatively untouched by the Europeans who claimed the region. When John Sutter arrived in the provincial colonial capital of Monterey in 1839, governor Juan Bautista Alvarado provided Sutter with the land he asked for, and Sutter established New Helvetia, which he controlled absolutely with a private army and relative autonomy from the newly independent Mexican government. The California Gold Rush started when gold was discovered at Sutter's Mill, one of Sutter, Sr.'s assets in the city of Coloma in 1848; the arrival of prospectors in droves ruined Sutter's New Helvetia and trade began to develop around a wharf he had established where the American and Sacramento Rivers joined. In the region where Sutter had planned to establish the city of Sutterville, Sacramento City was founded; Sutter, Sr. put his son in charge in frustration, and Sutter, Jr. worked to organize the city in its growth. However, its location caused the city to periodically fill with water. Fires would also sweep through the city. To resolve the problems, the city worked to raise the sidewalks and buildings and began to replace wooden structures with more resilient materials, like brick and stone. The city was selected as the state capital in 1854 after Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo failed to convince the state government to remain in the city of his namesake.

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