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Many consumers have used 24x7 Pro Service Garage Doors and the result is a 5 Star Rating.  We hand pick each part for quality, while still maintaining some of the best prices.

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We understand your unique needs.

Here at 24x7 Pro Service, INC., we believe that understanding your needs, your garage door and your garage door opener we can create a great value and piece of mind for you and your family.  We work very hard to ensure the highest level of safety and customer service in the garage door repair industry.  Consumers choose us simply because they have research our company and found that we are the highest rated and have the best value.


We will only offer you the highest level of parts, proudly MADE IN THE US.  Our garage door springs (FLEXSTEEL), are oil tempered, and engineered for specific garage doors;  this is how we can insure the longevity of each spring we sell.

24x7 Pro Service Team

Jennifer A.

Vice President / CFO

Justin B.

Field Manager

Victor A.

President / CEO

Garage Door Repair Award
Proffesional Service Award 

An independent analysis of all garage door companies on the West Coast awarded us The Gold Standard in Practices & Ethics.

A Rated

Over 300 + consumers have rated 24x7 Pro Service have rated us "A" quality.


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